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Ladies and Gentlemen, the points have been calculated and this week, it’s a tie between myself

Jenny (that’s me) and Nora my sister, as to whom, has made more screw ups. It is one for the

record books. What’s alarming is that I still haven’t pointed out to my sister that all these cringe

worthy moments happened in our first week of a new fiscal year. Tadaaah. And now that Nora

has read this, she has literally shut off her brain and is doing the calculations in her head, rolling

both her eyes to the one side of her head, doing the internal math.

Oh, hi Nora p.s. “we focked up” and you can now insert the trending TikTok audio in real life.

Oh, the screws up, we have made growing our business, just in the first week of March 2023,

has been glorious.

Do we worry, not really because mistakes happen. Will we forget we made them, probably until

its almost time to make them again, and then muscle memory kicks in and saves the day.

We do mostly learn from our mistakes though.

March kicks off our first quarter and we started things off with a visit to Nanaimo to make our

first business trip to Vancouver Island. We wanted to secure Nanaimo first, and we succeeded.

Securing 6 stores we had researched. We still may secure the others, but all in all it was a great

trip. We plan on hitting Victoria next then some coastal communities as well. And then the

north of the province like Prince Rupert and Prince George and Haida Gwaii, and then shift

focus into Alberta. See, we got goals.

Since coming back from our trip, it’s been error after error.

Our big booboo was approving wrong labels for not one but all three products for our

wholesale division. In our defence, we are redoing all 6 labels right and it’s been confusing

swapping between screens and printed copies.

Three labels are for retail and three for wholesale. Each division has a different end user.

Wholesale is for chefs, buyers and kitchen members to glance at preparation ideas and recipes.

Our retail must be written to wow you, so you can place one into your basket.

How do we screw this up? Well, we didn’t even notice that our entire company name was

missing from the front. It just said Seasoning Co. How did this happen? We don’t know? But we

usually don’t screw around with branding, logo or the general look of our label… and we caught

it hours after signing off. Most of the time we are proofing text on the label not graphics or

branding. When I realized it, it was 5:29 pm and the doom set in, and just texted Nora my usual

opening line F$$K. (f$$k is short for this cluster fock just cost us $$$)

We also printed some sell sheets, which had four sets of eyes proof them, yes four people

proofed them, and yet we still sent to print a sub headline “planet based ingredients” instead of

plant-based ingredients. It sure did make a great LinkedIn post among our professional social

network that day.

We triple checked an order for delivery and we checked the invoice and still managed to screw

it up as both the case count and the invoice was incorrect. I blame exhaustion on that one.

All these mistakes, in just the first few days into a new fiscal year, costing us $$$.

Kevin, our amazing CGA visit if you happen to be reading this, pour

yourself a double and raise your glass to us and say cheers to our success.

Uhmm what else… Oh, what has gone right this week.

First off, we don’t stop laughing, we laughed so hard on our Nanaimo Trip that the mere

thought of what we laughed about has us both gasping for air laugh crying again. Oh, and I

leave you one more salty truth. We are going to have to ask Alexis from to build us a custom charcuterie board that fits in between the

driver and passenger seats of Nora’s SUV. If there is one thing we excel at, its snacking on road

trips. We diet, but oh man, can we snack.

Are you stalking us on Instagram yet, cuz you should be @Grandpajsseasoning

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