Who is GRANDPA J’S ™

Grandpa J’s ™ Seasonings Inc is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based company.  Specializing in manufacturing of seasoning blends. We are 100% woman owned, by two food industry veterans Jenny & Nora that continue the legacy of the founder Master Chef, Jim Voulides.

Primarily a wholesale manufacturer of seasoning for restaurants, large franchise chains, catering halls, institutional kitchens and golf courses.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company pivoted and began its retail adventure. Growing their line to home chefs by listening to their customers.  Grandpa J’s owners observed trends and sought out to answer what was missing in the industry.

Launching Greko Lemon Roast Potatoes Seasoning & Vancity Grind to accompany their no.1 best selling All Purpose Seasoning Salt No MSG added.

Greko Lemon™ Roast Potatoes Seasoning

The first of its kind seasoning that dilutes into water and olive to create the tangy marinade; that makes perfect Greek lemon restaurant potatoes. This is what home consumers crave and can’t quite replicate.  Now they can using our Greko Lemon ™

Vancity Grind™

A coarse and bold rub that is perfect for steaks and roasts and pairs well with grilled vegetables.  Also perfect for rimming cocktails, like bloody Mary’s and Caesar’s.

Grandpa J’s™ Original All Purpose Seasoning Salt NO MSG added

Our classic recipe that chefs, industrial kitchens, franchisees and private caterers swear by to bring the final touch of flavour to their grilled or roasted proteins. Yet versatile enough to as a flavour base for sauces, marinades, rubs, soups and stews. But definitely use it on alternative meat proteins, French fries, sprinkling it on popcorn, roasting nuts and seeds or sprinkling on potato wedges.

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